About PiPaPo and "Natural Parenting"

Being pregnant with my oldest son back in 2010, I felt overwhelmed by the never-ending lists of so-called "newborn and baby essentials" displayed in shops and magazines. Shopping for the baby became a day-long mission with nursery, clothing, bath time, feeding time checklists and before my son even arrived I had spent a fortune.

It took my son seven days to teach me he didn't want to be put down in his "Moses basket", nor the pram or the cot. He wanted to be with me all day, every day (and night). Lucky enough a friend had given me a baby wrap so I wore him day him day in and out - he was just as close, snug and comfy as he had been in my belly before he was born. 

My second son's frequent skin irritations brought me to cloth diapers, and we loved how easy, cheap and natural (read: chemical-free) they are. Also, we could keep our stash for our third child!

When my daughter was born in 2014, my shopping list was very, very short. A baby wrap, some re-suable breast pads, cloth nappies and a hand full of pink clothes. 

That was when the idea for PiPaPo was born: I wanted to create a shop where you get what you really need and will actually use for you baby. Products, which are healthy, natural and good for baby and you. Reusable, eco-friendly, and of course beautiful and stylish.